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Brett Hull

     I was in a hotel up in Traverse City, Michigan for a soccer tournament my daughters participated in this past rainy, windy weekend.

     I was standing in the hallway, on my cell with my dad helping him make his football picks, when a guy came walking by.

     I looked up, nodded and said “hey” the way I always greet people who come my direction and eye contact is made.

     This guy said “how you doin’?” back at me, just as I realize how familiar he looks.

     In a split second I ask him “are you Brett Hull?” knowing full well I will either embarrass this guy because he is always asked this because he looks alot like him, or it really IS Brett Hull!

     He says “yes I am” back at me. I quickly asked him if I can shake his hand.

     By this time he had already passed when he turns back around and stretches his hand out and says “yeah”.

     He has a HUGE hand. He is shorter than me but he is a solid guy. He still appears to be in excellent shape.

     I asked my dad if he heard this exchange and he was real fired up. He could not believe I met him, especially while on the phone with him.

     It so happens a little while later, I ran into him AGAIN!! This time we chatted for a minute while walking down the hall to our rooms. He had a room right across from ours. My wife was with me this time. She was not as excited about him as I was.

     The reason he was there was to work out with the “young NHL prospects” who were in town trying to make the Red Wings team or at least get a shot at trying out for the team.

     He commented on the rain and how it would be nice if the sun came out. He was a real nice, down to earth guy. I didn’t ask for an autograph or take a picture because I didn’t have a camera immediately on me nor did I have paper at the ready.

     But I will have this memory forever. That I was in a hotel, across the hall, from a future hockey Hall of Famer! Did I mention that he is also a Stanley Cup winner? Awesome!!!

Red Wings Win Lord Stanley’s Cup!!

     The most difficult of trophies to win in all of sports, the Stanley Cup, has again been won by the Detroit Red Wings for the 4th time in the past 11 years. This hockey team is absolutley one of the best of all time.

     The Stanley Cup finals this year have been one the most memorable in recent years. Although the Wings won the first two games by shutting out the Pittsburgh Penguins, the series always had that feel of being a close run race.

     I like it when Detroit’s pro sports teams win championships because it gives the city that feeling of togetherness, of unity, that we can all come together as one and celebrate our team’s success.

     But I also question the true heart of some of the fans supporting the Wings. 

     When the WIngs were winning the first two championships in ’97 and ’98 after a forty year drought, the city was exstatic. Everyone seemed to be a fan. Everyone was excitied.

     But when the Wings won the cup a couple years later, that intensity from fans yearning another championship seemed to have died down. Then during the past several seasons, people expected a winning team.

     Yes the Red Wings smoked teams all season long, but didn’t finish well and fans seemed to not care. Just as they seemed not to care when the cup was won back in ’02.

     But enough of the fan criticism. Our Mighty Warriors on the Winged Wheel have brought back Lord Stanley’s Cup to Hockeytown and all will cherish it and praise our team as we should. The team deserves it and so do us die hard hockey fans. GO Wings!!  



Red Wings

     Isn’t it a true test to a hockey fan to see how BIG of a hockey fan one is by how long they are willing to stay up during numerous overtimes. We are between the first and second overtimes of the Stanly Cup Finals in game 5. If the Red Wings win, it’s over. If the Penguins win, it’s on to game 6 in Pittsburgh.

     I have to work in the morning. I also plan on staying up to see this game through, no matter how many overtimes. I am pulling the Red Wings.


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