I had a vasectomy almost 6 years ago, when I was with someone I should probably not have been with and definitely did NOT want to have babies with. I guess you could say she was good enough to marry (barely, but unfortunately I did), and defiantly not good enough to have a kid with.

     So I opted to get a vasectomy to shut down my baby-making plant and know that I won’t be getting her pregnant and ruining my life for ever. This woman would have taken me for everything I was worth, because we did end up divorcing.

     Now that I am remarried, we want to have a baby, or two. The woman I married is the best wife in the world, and I want to father her children, as does she want to mother mine. There is no doubt that we both want this.

     But I am still shooting blanks, and together we have decided to get the vasectomy reversed. This has been talked about for the past couple years and I finally decided that I need to man up and stop being such a puss.

     I am nervous that it won’t work. I am afraid that all the money we are saving up will be gambled away toward a procedure that may or may not take. The doctor told me that reversing a vasectomy is like taking the ends of two raw spaghetti, with a hole in the middle, and fusing them together. The way it would not work is if scar tissue forms and blocks the hole up, not allowing sperm to flow through.

     But my wife is a great, caring, loving woman, and I believe that she is worth the gamble. You never know if you don’t try, and she is worth the attempt. So within a few months, I will be reversed and will have a fully operational baby-making factory up and running again. I hope.

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