I have made an appointment for October 20 with the doctor who will perform the vasectomy. It is nothing big, just a consultation with him to tell me about what will happen.

     I had gone to a doctor a year ago to get the reversal, but never made the appointment for the actual procedure. But during that visit, I was informed of alot of different things.

     First of all, he asked my wife and I several questions. Do we know what we are doing? Why did I get the vasectomy in the first place? Do we know it’s not a guarantee to work? Miss, can I ask you to leave the room for a minute so I can feel your husband’s balls?

     Well, maybe not THAT direct, but he DID need to feel around to see what he was up against. Urological doctors have to get a “hands on” to feel for what they need to do. This same thing happened before I even had the actual vasectomy.

     As for insurance companies, It’s funny how they will gladly pay, in full, for a vasectomy, but won’t pay for anything for the reversal. It’s their way of cutting costs by me not being able to get someone pregnant and them having the hospital fees.

     So now my wife and I will wait for a month before we go to another doctor’s office and have some man paw around with my boys and tell me he has something he can work with.

     I am not nervous right now, I just want to get the whole thing over with. Suddenly I feel the need to speed this whole process up and see if my wife and I can make a baby already.


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