I had been in contact with the local police department about the break done by my beastly wife. Her boyfriend did do it, as confessed by her to me through a phone conversation, and in that same phone call, I had blown the case.

     Apparently you can’t make deals telling the person who did the crime that if they give you something you will drop the charges. Because of this naive and idiotic move, I blew it. The investigator told asked me if I had done such a thing, I admitted and that was it.

     Beast was backed against the wall. She had her career on the line, I had her by the ovaries, and I fucked it all up because I fell into another trap of hers. I agreed with her if she gave me something from the house that I would drop the charges. I was manipulated. She knew the game better than me and that was that.

     It was at this point I knew she was always gonna try to outwit me, and it was from then on that I thoroughly thought things through.

     We had a motor boat that we both wanted. She went from willing to drag the divorce out for it, to wanting to have shared time with it throughout the summer. I realized that she was using this boat as a way to keep contacting me, to keep the lines of communication open, and she used this boat as a “child” we shared. She thought we could share it.

     When the light finally turned on for me, I backed out. I let her have it, free and clear. It was like we were playing tug-of-war and I let go of the rope. I told her I didn’t want it and it blew her mind.

     I was trying to have a life free of the beast and I was starting to piece everything she destroyed back together. This stupid boat was just a tool for her to keep contact with me. I didn’t want her. So I gave it up.

     In the meantime she was always driving by my house when my girlfriend was over. She came knocking on the doors, windows, looking in, and harassing us. It got to the point one morning that I called the cops.

     She was in the car with her drug-abusing boyfriend and her nephews. The cop questioned me and then questioned her. She tried to cry and plead with the cop that she needed to talk to me because I was her husband and I was shacked up with her best friend.

     The cop didn’t want to hear any of her story. I think he realized her boyfriend was in the car she was in, then he ordered her to stay off my street. If he got another report that she came back, he would arrest her.

     She never did come back that I know of, but a week later I met her in court for our one and only divorce hearing. She had more cards up her sleeve, and I knew it.


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