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Wonderful Wife

     As I begin this journey of pouring out my guts and exposing myself to the entire universe, I want to make it absolutley clear that I am deeply in love with my wife. She is a person who just gets better and more loving as the days pass on.

     I will write about her and our life together in concert with the story I am trying to tell. Life isn’t going to stop for me to write about the past then continue once I have caught up.  But there is something I would like to tell about my wife that happened just yesterday that makes me put this up on here.

     But Isn’t life so much easier when you have a spouse that actually listens? One that actually works with their counterpart? One that actually is easy to get along with?

      I have realized this for quite some time about my wonderful wife. I DO, in fact know, how easy I have it. She listens and reacts. It’s almost too easy. I am grateful for her and count my blessings for having her. 

     I am not saying I don’t do the same for her. I try to, too. But I am a dude. This whole topic stemmed up from her just staring at me yesterday afternoon and asking me what I was thinking of. I wasn’t thinking of anything. Tigers baseball was on tv. The only thing I was thinking of is why do they constantly swing at the first pitch!?!?! That’s another blog all in itself.

     She said men have it easy. Men are simple people. They don’t need too much. Her theory is that dudes need food, sleep, entertainment, and sex. And you know? She’s kinda right!

     But as I was saying how wonderful she is, she is! She is not high maintenance, which means she doesn’t cry over spilled milk, doesn’t need to all dolled up with makeup and nice clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY! That crap gets old REAL quick! And she doesn’t need me to be at her side 24-7. It’s real nice.

     We had a little discussion about what makes each other mad about the other. Nothing came up. We were being truthful. But we did have some things that we told the other that was irritating. Ok. We agreed to work on our ends and off we went. 

     Marriage isn’t that hard when you can actually sit down with your spouse and throw all your needs, irritants, and concerns on the table and know full well the other person isn’t going to fly off the handle. You know they will hold their end up by either working it out as a team or coming up with a compromise that will work for both parties.

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