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Detroit Tigers Playoff Hopes

     I was going to leave a comment on someone else’s post, but I had so much to say, so i figured I would just post it myself.

     This trade with the New York Yankees that gives them catcher Pudge Rodriguez and gives the Tigers pitcher Kyle Farnsworth is okay, at best.

     The Yankees need a catcher and the Tigers really need a closer since Todd Jones has been demoted from that role. Fernando Rodney has pitched in the closer role for a few games and it will not work. He is not good enough, he does not have the confidence nor the pitch selection and control to effectively close a game out in a timely manner.

     Speaking of Todd Jones, I believe we are witnessing the end his career. He just does not have his stuff anymore. He is really beginning to get hit hard and I believe it is a matter of time that he will get released from the organization. I expect that to be before the end of this season.

     I hope that manager Jim Leyland fires his pitching coach Chuck Hernandez immediatley! I know that won’t happen, but he has to go. This pitching staff has steadily gone down hill. They need a new guy there to guide them. Someone who has experience. Maybe a former and successful player. Maybe at the end of the season they will offer the job to Kenny Rogers?? 

     I hope that before this trade deadline the Tigers get some other pitcher. I also wanna see the Tigers bring up that kid from AAA, Dane Sardinha, to catch more often, have Brandon Inge move over to third and trade away Carlos Guillen for some pitcher who will perform right now.

     I will be disappointed if they trade for “a player to be named later” because that sucks. Who wants or needs one later? We are in the middle of a pennant race here!

Just Some Moronic Thoughts

     I think that all those people who made the mistake in buying huge trucks and SUV’s should not punish the rest of us by driving slow in the fast lane just to save gas! Get in the far right lane where you belong or buy a new car!

     Why do old, retired men sit just inside their garages and watch the neighbors? It kind of makes me mad because A.) I still have work and responsibilities B.) I don’t like being entertainment as I carry in groceries, come home from work, etc. and C.) Do you really get tired of watching the news, Love Boat reruns, and Matlock? Crap! I have nothing to look forward to now when I retire!

     Why do companies get these new computer systems and say they are great and brag about all the money spent to get integrated and teach their employees how to use them, and then the whole system crashes and you never can get a hold of anyone to help you out to fix problems? They act like cockroaches in light when all hell breaks loose.

     The Detroit Tigers are not making the playoffs this year. I have painfully come to realize this.

     The Detroit Lions never will. I always know this. My dad was a little kid the last time they won anything.

     What are bed pillows made of that gives wives headaches and make them immediatley fall asleep when their husbands come to bed looking for sex?

     Is being a straight guy who likes Maroon 5 an oxymoron or irony?

Detroit Tigers And Todd Jones

     I am not a sports writer, I do not want to be a sports writer, and I am not trying to be a sports writer now. I am a baseball fan, more specific, a Detroit Tigers fan, and I have a legitimate gripe.

     I had the pleasure of spending this evening, and early night, with my wife, down at Comerica Park, home of the Tigers. The weather was very pleasant, a good sized crowd, we sat on the third base side up in the upper deck, and enjoyed ourselves.

     The Tigers got the lead early with a run, then a grand slam which really electrified the crowd and they had the lead going into the bottom of the ninth.

     With a 3 run cushion, Tigers manager, Jim Leyland, brought in the closer, Todd Jones, to protect the lead, end the game,  and send the fans home happy and the Tigers would also be .500 for the first time all season.

     Mr. Jones obviously hada different plan. He coughed up 4 runs to let the Colorado Rockies take the lead and get the entire stadium mad and boo him as he walked off the field.

     What is Jones’ deal? This guy pitches in such a manner to give a person with a good, strong heart a heart attack. He was quoted a couple years saying something along the lines of how he knows how he is. He will make a game interesting. If someone doesn’t like when he comes in, he wants them to get a sandwich, and by the time they return, he will have everything under control.

     Well not tonight, Jones!

     As I was on my feet, cheering with the fans, he had two strikes on the potential third out and game in the bag. He walked that guy.

     All hell broke loose from there.

     Four runs later, the Tigers were batting in the bottom of the ninth needing 2 runs to win.

     A base hit, a walk, and a double by Miguel Cabrera won the game for us in dramatic fashion. Finally at .500 ball team.

     I like Todd Jones. Don’t get me wrong. But I don’t know how much more of putting up with his style of pitching us Tiger fans can handle. He’s very talented. But I feel the Tigers need a closer who is more lights out and overpowering than him, but that is another blog for another day.


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