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Moving Sucks

    The move into the new house is complete. All the stuff is now with us under one roof. All we have to do now is put things away, hang pictures, arrange furniture, throw out stuff we should have thrown out before we moved, gets the animals acclimated to the new house, mow the lawn, straighten out the garage, put in a new gas fuel line for the dryer. The list goes on.

     But doesn’t moving suck? You carefully put your whole life into boxes and load  them up into pickups and backseats and drive them over to somewhere new. Then you open up these boxes, take your life back out and resume living after a few weeks.

     Not to mention getting friends to help. You kindly ask for assistance and hope they accept the challenge and then pay them back with food and beer. Thank God for good friends.

     But in the end, the payoff is the new house. We love it here. All the hard word, besides the physical aspect, of paying some bills, getting preapproved from the bank, finding a house, getting a final approval from the bank, and then signing papers until your hand falls off is worth it.

     My wife and I totally believe we found the perfect house. I thank the heavens we were able to get it because the idea of owning again was looking grim. We plan on staying here forever. Maybe by then, I will have my honey-do list completed.

Weekend Wrapped Up

     Well that’s the end of this weekend. I don’t know if I should be thankful or if I should be irritated that it just wasn’t long enough.

     Like I had stated in an earlier post this weekend, I took the kids to a community gathering put on by the DNR, and various other hunting associations and local police agencies. It was fun. They got to shoot bows and arrows, shotguns, and had a chance to cast fishing lines off a boat into a field. It was a chance to do these things if some kids never got to before. My kids seemed to like it.

     Then after that we headed to my wife’s friend’s mom’s house for some pool swimming and playing around to cool off from this heat. Unfortunately the mom wasn’t home, house was all locked up, and power was off from the previous night’s storms. That was all ok thought. We all had a good time. Especially in the pool! It was cool and refreshing.

     Later we all came back to our house and got some pizza, drank a few beers and played with the kids. It was tiring, but we all had a blast.

     Today was more of running around. Kinda. We went to visit my dad at the nearby campground for some more swimming in the lake, barbeque, and playing a heated game of bocce. That totally ruled! I love that game.

     Then the storms rolled in. Very quickly! We hurried up and packed everything in and took off to the campground store for cover since the tornado sirens were roaring and the rangers were all in a panic.

     After sitting in that store for fifteen minutes we left and continued or day. We ate, said our goodbyes and came home.

     After two days of fun in the sun, we are totally fried, tired and now winding down. Luckily the kids are done with school and they can chill out tomorrow from this weekend’s activities. But as for me and my wife, it’s back to the grind.

     So like I was saying, I don’t know I should be thankful the weekend is over of if I wish it kept going. NAH!!! I wish it kept going.


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